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We have accumulated some writing tips from our long period of writing assistance. Our qualified writers share their expertise for free for anyone who wants to write an essay or term papers by himself.

A successful essay is a combination of various vital points that allows itself to stand out from the rest of the topics. In order to ensure that your essay easily beats others at the competition, please consider and ponder over the all the suggestions for your writing.

Incomplete Sentence Structure: All sentences need to be complete and must include a verb along with a subject.

Inconsistent Tense Usage: Either the past tense or the present tense must be chosen. Once it has been confirmed, it must remain consistent throughout the entire paragraph. Switching to and forth is not at all acceptable.

Using Simple Quotes instead of Simple Paraphrasing: Quotations should only be included in a document when there is no other way to say the sentence better. Else, the thought should only be paraphrased and put like unique words.

Use of Participles: A participle is a verb that generally ends in an “ing”. A loose participle is a participle that basically has no real connectivity to any other word.

Using the Second Person Form: Using “You” must be avoided at all cost in an essay. Instead, using “one” is highly appropriate.

Contractions Rule: As a rule of thumb contractions, using words like “won’t”, “don’t”, “can’t” etc. are not at all acceptable in essay. Hence take the time to write both words independently.

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